Friday, January 16, 2009


I've been online for hours tonight, looking at templates for my blog, thinking about porting over to Wordpress, (after reading this) following Twitter, thinking about stopping and reading an actual book...there is so much to learn. I've read more this week than I can believe on how to craft a blog, get people to read it, use it for work, marketing, pleasure...everybody has something to say about blogging. That's the point of all of this, everybody has something to say and the more people you can say valuable stuff too, ultimately the better.

A blog is a place to set up shop on something, whether it be your thoughts, your opinions, some specific set of topics. I've been most impressed with Rhett Smith's blogs and tweets this week. It was encouraging to read that he's blogged for quite a while and is now, after a long time of doing this, re-imagining his blog, his focus and ultimately his voice. No doubt it will help him to have a greater impact.

I've held off blogging this week several times. I get a thought, then I stop because I can't figure out how to get started, or I know it sucks and just don't want anybody to see my writing. But, I have to be willing to move forward. That's all part of it. All part of the journey. Geez, this theme shows up a lot. Most things worth doing take accurate action and an intentional process to see bear fruit.

Maybe in a year, I'll have a following, I'll have graduated into a great writer and thinker...and then again maybe it'll still just be me and my wonderful two followers. I'm fine either way.

I promise not to quit. Quitters are lame.