Monday, October 29, 2007

Blog 2

Influencer is turning out to be a great book. I was especially fascinated by the study on the Guinea worm epidemic.

Positive Deviance - can be extremely helpful in discovering vital behavoirs. First dive into the community, family or organization you want to change. Second, discover and study settings where the targeted problem should exist but doesn't. Third identify the unique behaviors of the group that suceeds.

Recovery Behaviors - What is the recovery plan for slip ups? Everyone, every system will make mistakes, so recovery behaviors show how an individual or community reacts and responds to those mistakes.

I'm realzing how powerful this tool could be in just about every area of life. For example, when trying to discover why a group of friends has grown apart after 3 years - we could take a look at other groups with like demographics that has not grown apart over time. Are there vital behaviors in place?

I'm already in to the next chapter where they are taking a look at phobics and how they used some of these principles as well as some new ones to help people deathly afraid of snakes find relief from their fear in 3 hours.

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