Monday, October 20, 2008

Day Away With God

On the 11th, I took a day (err....ended up being about 3-4 hours in the afternoon) to get away and spend some time alone with the Lord. For me, alone with the Lord, doesn't necessarily mean alone alone; sometimes it does, but this time, I holed up at a table upstairs in Sisters Coffee Co. and just prayed and meditated on the Word. Below are some notes from my time.

The drive, even just the drive to Sisters was so refreshing. I needed to spend some time talking to God and the car is the best place for me. That’s why I like road trips so much.

I was pretty moved by the scenery, the beauty, the sounds the smells, everything. It was a great day. I went to Sisters Coffee Co. and sat upstairs at a table with my journal and Walking with God by Eldredge.

While I did not get any solid audible word, I do believe I got confirmation that we are here to stay and that moving back to Albuquerque is not part of the plan.

“Go deep, plant roots, love your wife, love the people I am bringing into your life.”

That’s what I heard God say.

I prayed a lot for God to settle me. Settle my mind and my spirit. Relax and live with intentionality – which by the way was pretty much the theme of the entire week at the Building Champions Experience.

Micah 6:8
Act justly
Love mercy
Walk humbly

God tells me what He requires. He does it a lot – with small words and short sentences so I can get it. If I just work at getting better at those 3 things I’d take enormous strides in spiritual and emotional health this year. And…they are easy, conscise and not hard to measure.

Psalm 108:13
With God I will gain the victory. When I am facing difficulty – I can pray not only for strength but for victory as well.

I try to make things much more difficult than they need to be. That could be it's own blog post I'm sure. A couple years ago I had a statement that led my life "Relax, it's easier." That is a hard place for a driven guy to live. But for a driven guy, it's a great way to live.

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