Sunday, June 10, 2012

Clinical Rotation Week 1

This first week was a mixed bag for me.   The atmosphere and location are fantastic and it's wonderful to see how relaxed and happy Anna is up here with the dogs just relaxing.    This is truly a gift to spend my first 2 month rotation with my wife in such beautiful country.    The clinic was both fantastic and challenging.   One on hand I saw a ton of new stuff and am amazed at how much of the learning from the past year is coming out when needed.   On the other, I'm reminded of my stubborn streak and that asking questions to enhance learning as opposed to just saying "uh-huh" is difficult for me.   Especially when my brain is full already.  

I don't really have anything super eye-opening to write about the first week.  It went well.   I think I was expecting it to be jaw-dropping excitement and it wasn't.   It was steady, constant and intense.   My goal for this coming week is to ask more questions, and to do 45 minutes of research every night related to something I saw or had a question about.