Monday, June 23, 2008


I'm in the airport in Redmond, OR headed to Sacramento to spend 3 days at the DreamIt conference at Capital Christian Center. The line up of speakers is pretty incredible.
Rick Cole, Erwin McManus, Ed Young Jr., Matthew Kelly and Bill Hybels. Not to mention that Delirious is one of the bands performing throughout. it will be a great time and I'd like to hope that I'll be writing much on this blog about the applications of the teaching and speaking that I hear.

Couple that with a post from a great newsletter that I am going to post up in a minute or two from Patrick Lencioni. I hate walking away from these types of events with too much. I want to get the right stuff in me so to speak. It's almost like "overeating" or putting too much gas in the tank. Humanly, I am beginning to understand and know my capacity for taking in but what I want to test is can I immediately empty some of that knowledge into a blog or into others by engaging with 3rd person teaching? I guess we'll see.

On a real specific level, the goal of this event is to sign up leaders to be coached by our company. That would be a good thing because it's slow right now!

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Anonymous said...

Hey... great stuff. I wish I were there with you!! I remember going to the NCCL at Glorieta and how much that meant at the time... seems like we were both in a time of transition... keep the conference updates rolling in!!