Sunday, July 27, 2008


I'm having a hard time centering today, focusing. I have nothing to do and can't figure out where to put any energy I might have. I can't workout, back still hurts. I'm not tired so a nap won't work. I read and looked over my scripture verses already. I cleaned the office. I showered, I went to church and served on the setup team.

I did alot today but I am utterly bored. I could go and get a movie, I could sit here and blog some more. I could go to the office and declutter my space so that it looks better.

Oh, I also washed the Jeep and reorganzied the book shelf.

I just had a really good snack. 1/2 cup of Dannon Light & Fit Strawberry Yogurt. 1/2 cup of Fat Free Cottage Cheese. 1 cup of whole fresh blueberries and 1 cup of Honey Nut Cherrios. Man, it was really good.

I want to redo my life plan and vision but mostly because I feel like for some reason that will help me. it won't really. I need to stick to the one I've got and just make sure it's continually refined and refreshed. I want to put together a training schedule for my upcoming events but I can't do that either since I don't know when the dr is going to clear me for exercise again. I see him tomorrow.

I think I'll use the time to call my friends and family, go get a movie, do some tasks for work and just relax.

Honestly...I think I miss community. I can't think of anyone that Anna and I can call at a moments notice and just go over and watch a game or hang out and drink a beer with. I can't wait for my buddy Kris to move to Newberg.

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