Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I'm frustrated today. Not that this is of mind bending importance but I'm having crazy hip pain, it's constant, I can't make it stop and i've been overly irritable and moody.

Gotta let my roots go deep and not be so shifty. Fact is, God has as much control over this small issue of mine as he does everything else - TOTAL control. Why is trusting him so hard? I mean, it's easy to trust Him for salvation but when it comes to the little things, it's harder. I want to have control, I want to fix it.

The fitness part of this comes in with the fact that I'm becoming obsessed with it. I enjoy being fit. I love working out and being active but it's hard to balance and it kind of takes over my head. I found out today that my max heart rate is lower than what I've assumed it was for the past 10 years and although it wasn't a scientific test, it still pissed me off. The flip side of that is of course that now I can be better about what zones I'm training in and how I'm doing with my fitness levels so that I can increase my LT (lactate threshold) and build more endurance. I think I'm just tired too. I want to take a break.

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