Friday, July 25, 2008

Coach Training Camp 08: 4H...err. 5H Model.


Education + Exploration + Experience = Delivering Dynamic Change

We're nestled at the Inn of the 7th Mountain just outside of Bend with all of our coaches and their wives this week learning and growing together! It's been incredible. I will post more later but I already engaged with my good friend GaryO on some third person teaching on Relational Health.

I seem to be running into "signs" and "billboards" reminding me that I need to build my relational health. One way to do this is to remember the 4H system of engagement.

Whenever you meet someone try to get through these 4H's in the first conversation as a means to engage them, to activate your own listening and to find common ground.
  • H - History; ask them about their history
  • H - Hobbies; ask them what they like to do, what are their passions
  • H - Home; find out about their home life, kids, spouse
  • H - Hopes; what do they dream to do or become; and I would add
  • H - Help; how can you serve them, is there something you can do to encourage or add value to them as an action?

So as I wrote that I guess I changed it to 5H's.

I think one of my biggest challenges as I blog is that I live what I am writing. Even last night, I was on a shuttle talking with the driver of the van and we were discussing life but I left that conversation without going through this process and the most powerful part are the bottom 2. If I can get to someone's hopes and find a way to serve them, I am creating a jump point for talking about the Lord and sharing with them my hope - Christ. I commit that I will make these things a part of my own life toolbox so that I will live what I am writing.

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